Family Visit

This weekend we had a full house. My niece Taylor had a cheer competition in Wilmington so they came down to spend the night with us before the competition. My mom, bother, sister in law, her mom, my nephew, and 2 nieces all came to hang out. Although our visit was brief, it was enjoyable.

Saturday morning once everyone was up we went out for breakfast at Locals. After the meal we did a very short tour of Southport (it was cold and rainy) and did some shopping. It was then time for them to head to Taylor’s cheer event. My brother and Talon stayed behind and Scott and I spent the day with them. We walked along the waterfront, got goodies from Burney’s, had a few beers at a local place, and played some games. When the other ladies returned from the cheer competition they packed and headed home. We very much enjoyed our visit and look forward to the next one.