Happy Hour

Tonight we had dinner and drinks with some coworkers.  After dinner we decided to have dessert at Scott’s new favorite place.  On the way to get gelato we stopped by a store where you can ride a bucking shark! After we stopped there for a photo op, we made it to the gelato place!

Waterfalls galore!

Today we had another amazingly beautiful day.  Since I didn’t have to work, we decided to travel a couple of hours east to Silver Falls State Park.  We hiked about 6 miles and saw 10 waterfalls!  We were even able to walk behind a couple of them!  We packed a lunch and made a day of it.  I am glad…

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We visit Astoria

Monday was such a beautiful day that we decided to make the most of it by exploring just a little in Astoria after work.  Our first stop was the Astoria Column.  It is a beautiful monument that overlooks the mouth of the Columbia River.  We walked up 164 steps of a spiral staircase to get to the amazing overlook at…

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Our trip today fell a little flat!

Today was yet another rainy day!  We were not going to let that stop us from venturing out.  Our first stop on the agenda was the Tillamook Forest Center. It had a lot of information about the Tillamook burn and how they reforested it.  We climbed to the top of a fire tower and we were able to see the…

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Cheese, wind, & wine…oh my!

Today, we decided to adventure down the Pacific Coast Highway. We had to take a small detour due to a mudslide that happened on Friday.  The detour took us through a winding two lane road.  The weather was rainy off and on (surprise, surprise). Once back on the Pacific Coast Highway, the views of the Pacific Ocean were awesome.  The…

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Rain, rain, go away!

We have finished our 3rd week here in Oregon!  Not much has changed about the weather.  Still cold, rainy, and windy. However, I do think that we may have found a bar that could be our “go to” place.  Because we want to walk to the bar, and because it seems to always be raining, this is how we have…

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Finally, no rain!

We finally had a warm, dry, non windy day!  Too bad it was a workday. We decided to take advantage of appears to be rare weather and take a nice long evening walk.  We walked down to a part of the beach we hadn’t been to yet.  On the way we saw this monument and grave for sailors. This part…

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