Wind Cave National Park

Today we stopped by Wind Cave National Park on our way back to Colorado.  It was only a small detour off our planned route.  We did not take a tour of the caves but we did drive around the park and go through the visitor center.  One of the main reasons I wanted to go there was for the chance…

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Mount Rushmore

After a short tasting at the winery we headed to Mount Rushmore.  We got there in the early evening and decided to hang out long enough to  see the lighting ceremony.   These are the individual presidents.  I took these photos through the monocular. The lighting ceremony began with a video about the creation of Mount Rushmore and why the…

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Oklahoma City

We made it to Oklahoma City!  It was so good to see Kristin and Nathan again.  It was also good to see all of their pups again and meet the new ones!  We had a great time and very much enjoyed our stay even though they didn’t let us steal one of their dogs!  I had no idea that Oklahoma…

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Meteor Crater

As we headed to the next stop on our way to my sister’s house, we came across a sign for the Meteor Crater in Arizona.  We made a u-turn after I decided I really wanted to see it and headed back to take a look.  We were not disappointed. I recommend it for anyone who is a science nerd.

Grand Canyon

Today we went to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  On the way we stopped in Barstow for lunch.  This is apparently on the historic Route 66 and very touristy. On our drive we noticed that all of the sudden the ground was black.  A quick glance at the map and found out that it was Pisgah Volcano and…

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Vegas to California

From Las Vegas we headed to Pasadena, California.  One of Scott’s brothers lives there.  On the way, we saw some pretty cool mountains, a solar plant, a sand storm, and lots of the Mojave Desert. We made it to John’s house and were able to hang out and have dinner with him and his family.  It was so good to…

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Welcome to Vegas!

We spent a couple of days in Las Vegas for TravCon.  It’s a conference for traveling healthcare professionals.  We were able to attend talks on housing options, negotiating contracts, tax rules, etc.  We were also able to meet lots of different companies and see what they had to offer.  We started the conference on Sunday with what they called Newbie…

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