Firefighter Competition

On Saturday I walked down to see one of the 4th of July events Southport does. They invite area firefighters to a friendly competition. During the day, they run several relay events, and I took some pictures of a few. The heat (and the crowd) kept me from hanging around for all of it, but it was neat. I got…

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Meteor Crater

As we headed to the next stop on our way to my sister’s house, we came across a sign for the Meteor Crater in Arizona.  We made a u-turn after I decided I really wanted to see it and headed back to take a look.  We were not disappointed. I recommend it for anyone who is a science nerd.

Up, up and away!

On Friday, since Carolynn did not have to work, we tried to figure out things to do on short notice.  She had been wanting to take a ride in a biplane that she had seen flying overhead, and so that is what we did. Jim’s Biplane Rides is a one-guy show in Seaside.  He does this for fun, and not…

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We got Goosed

On Sunday we decided to head to McMinnville to see something I wanted to see.  So we left early in the morning and made the 2 hour trip to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum to see the Spruce Goose. It was amazing.  The aircraft is everything people say about it, and more. Below is a shot of the interior…

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Volcano Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend, we decided to take a couple of trips to see volcanos.  We started after Carolynn got off of work on Friday, and made a run down the coast on 101 (see previous post about they Byway). This post is going to be a long one, with a lot of pictures. The first place we visited is…

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