Around the House

Here are a few of the things we have built, painted, changed, or added to the house.

Scott built the scrabble tiles and I pained them.

This is a coffee table we bought from a resale shop in town and we decided to paint it. The top is painted with chalkboard paint so that we can write messages, etc on it.

A tree with a limb that needed to come down, Scott was able to use one of his newly acquired tools to do the job.

We frosted the windows in our bathroom and the side lights on our front door. Scott was worried the people that live behind us could see in our bathroom at night and I didn’t like the idea of someone peeping in our front door. I do like that the frosting still lets the light in,

Scott built me these boxes to go on the toilet tanks. I stained them and added the vinyl lettering with my new Cricut machine. It nice to be able to get everything off the tank at once if you need to take the lid off.

The latest addition is this sign on our porch. Scott cut the wood and I painted it.

We repainted the big gazebo bird feeder and hung this super cute picnic table one we found at Lowe’s. Now we just have to find a way to keep the squirrels out!