Home Sweet Home

Well….we are gypsies no more. After a year and a half of traveling around the country, we have decided to make Southport, NC our permanent home.

We started here as just another stop along the way. After being in Southport for a little bit of time we kind of fell in love with the town. So much so that we started having conversations about settling down here. In order to make those conversations a reality, a bunch of things needed to work out by a specific date. In a relatively short period of time, Scott found a job, I agreed to take a permanent position with the hospital once my contract was up, we secured financing through the bank, and we put an offer in on a house.

Long story short, we closed on our new home on the 29th and we have to be out of our temporary home on the 31st. Talk about cutting it close. Although the whole process was stressful because of the strict timeline, it was for the most part a very painless process.

Scott is loving his job and I’m excited to become a permanent employee at the hospital where I was just a “traveler”.

I will continue to post on the website, but instead of the post being filled with adventures and explorations, it will be about our transition into the category of home owners!