One Week and One Hurricane

So, this Thursday we celebrated one week of being homeowners. Mother Nature decided to participate in that celebration by sending Hurricane Dorian. Spoiler Alert: we survived without any damage. It was a whole different feeling weathering a storm knowing we would be responsible for repairing any damages.

Big thank you to my mom for helping me bring stuff from storage at her house and spending the long weekend helping us get moved in, painting our bedroom, cleaning, and refereeing between Scott and me (it wasn’t too bad).

This is a picture of the prep work for painting the bedroom. Sadly, I don’t have a good after picture of the newly painted room.

After getting moved in and somewhat settled, we had a couple of days to prepare for the hurricane. We didn’t really have a stocked fridge or freezer to worry about and I made sure we had plenty of water and food that didn’t require refridgeration. Here are some pictures from the preparations from around town.

Some of the sunsets in the nights leading up to the storm.

Both of us ended up with Thursday and Friday off due to the storm. Southport did a great job posting updates on their Facebook page. We were awoken first thing Thursday morning with tornado warnings. I also found out Southport was on a curfew. Luckily for us, the tornados were a little bit away and didn’t cause us any damage.

The closest the eye wall came to our house.

Luckily for us, we only had lots of debris in the yard and we went without power for 24 hours.

Here are some post storm pictures after we did some work cleaning up the debris.

We went to American Fish Company tonight to listen to the band and enjoy a few beers to celebrate Scott’s birthday a day early. It was another beautiful sunset.

Here are a few pictures from inside the house. We will furnish the rooms as we find time/funds.

Front sitting room.
Downstairs spare bedroom
Downstairs spare bathroom
Master walk in closet
Master bath
Upstairs guest bedroom
Upstairs guest bathroom
Downstairs half bathroom

We made it through our first week and our first hurricane owning a home! We can’t wait to continue to make this house our own as we get more settled.