Social Distancing

Well, things have been a little different around here. It’s the time of the year when it would be nice to eat at the restaurants with outdoor seating, spend lots of time at the beach, and hang out at our waterfront bar, but all of that has been cancelled. Restaurants are take out or delivery only, the beach is closed, and so is our favorite bar. All of the shops downtown are closed so the sidewalks are not full of window shoppers, the piers are closed so no fishermen, the swings along the water have been taken down so a lot less people hanging around. There are lots of people out for walks and for bike rides though. Lots of people walking their dogs but sadly, due to the current pandemic, nobody wants you to get close enough to pet the dogs. This makes me sad. Also, just found out that they have cancelled ALL public events here in Southport through Labor Day! And yes, that means NO Fourth of July festival in the home of the NC Fourth of July festival. It also means no weekly concerts in the park, no farmers market, no craft shows, etc. These are all things that were part of the allure of living here. Guess we will have to wait until next year.

So far, both Scott and I are still working. Scott has started working from home and my schedule is decided on a daily basis. On days when the OR schedule is light, I have been working the front door screening everyone entering the hospital.

Before they removed the swings.

At least the weather has been beautiful and perfect for walks. The flowers and trees blooming make for colorful scenery. The biggest annoyance right now on the walks (for me at least) are the freaking worms on webs (inch worms)! Think you’re on a nice pleasant walk, then bam, web in the face or worm on your arm. The actual worms don’t really bother me but I can’t ignore them because just what if I ignore it and it’s not a worm on a web but a spider! Eek. So I take the walks but I’m on high alert.

This place had tons of the worms on webs!

Here are some pictures I’ve taken on our walks.

Couldn’t resist taking a picture of this!
The photo doesn’t do this tree justice. It was beautiful.
This tree was bare and seemed like overnight it exploded with blossoms.
Thought this little fairy house and tea tables was super cute.

We are spending lots of our nights hanging on the front porch doing our part in the social distancing.

A man with “corona” walking through our yard. Scott didn’t think it was as funny as I did.

We planted some lilies. The orange ones have come and gone but the yellow are blooming now.

Our most recent build. A hanging basket holder with a chalkboard so I can change the message.

April Fool’s! Even with the quarantine stuff going on, I wanted to have a little bit of fun with my coworkers, so for April Fool’s Day I made brownies! Hahah. Brown E’s. Lol. I even packed them in foil so they thought something good was on the table.

Almost forgot to mention… we broke down and got a new car so that we could have a 2nd vehicle. Meet Casper.