Sometimes You Have to Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop and smell the roses is exactly what I did when we walked by this yard. Usually during our walks we are on the other side of the street so I hadn’t noticed these until yesterday. They smelled amazing!

On another note, we had quite the storm the other week. A tornado warning was issued for our area one morning while I was at work. They made an announcement on the overhead to get away from windows and doors and to take shelter. I was waiting on my surgery to start and wanted to see what was going on outside but we have no windows in the OR. The storm was quick and fierce. A waterspout came on land in Oak Island but no touchdowns here in Southport. Luckily we didn’t have any damage to our home other than lots of debris.

This was the water later that afternoon. The sky was beautiful and blue but the wind was still strong and the water was very choppy.

On one of our bike rides around town my bike decided to have some technical difficulties. My chain broke. We were a little ways from home so instead of pushing my bike all the way bike I got a “tow”. I hopped on the bike, grabbed Scott’s shoulder, and made him pull me back. It worked pretty good until we got to a stop sign. There was lots of traffic and he was embarrassed to start up again with all the people watching. I pushed my bike the rest of the way home.

I spy with my little eye strawberries from the Berry Patch! The Berry Patch is a place from home that has the best strawberries. One of the little markets here in town happened to have one basket left for us to get. It was a nice little surprise.

Despite everything being out of kilter right now and so much uncertainty in the air, we still get to enjoy some pretty fantastic views and sunsets.

I just thought this was funny and very fitting for how I’ve felt this last month or so.