The Mountains Are Calling…

We took the week off and headed for the mountains. It’s the first real time off we have had since last April. We drove over to Hayesville, NC to visit our friend Eileen. There was lots of rain in the forecast, but I am hoping for at least a couple of days that are nice enough to play on the lake.

Saturday late afternoon provided enough sun for us to float around a little in the lake.

Sunday I woke up to the fog rolling through. Once everyone got up and motivated, Scott went to see his dad for Father’s Day, and Eileen and I headed for the lake. I was able to take the jet ski out for a ride but it was pretty busy and really choppy. Once I got back on the jet ski, we floated in the lake until the lightning started. After the storm blew through and Scott got back we headed out on the boat for a little evening skiing. Holy crap, that made me feel real old and out of shape.

The fog rolling through.
A picture from the jet ski ride.
The storm that interrupted our floating.
7 minutes after the previous picture.
Pretty sailboat while out skiing
Resident alligator of the cove.
Another storm rolled through after we got back.

Monday, was our 6 year wedding anniversary. We woke up to some sunshine but high possibility of storms/rain expected. Scott, Eileen, and I headed to north Georgia to Amicalola Falls State Park. The three of us headed up the trail to see the falls. There were parts of the trial that were pretty steep. When we got close to the falls there was a sign that said 175 strenuous steps to the base of the falls. After some huffing and puffing we made it up the steps. The falls were beautiful! There was a trail that would take you to the top of the falls but we passed. Instead, we hiked back down and drove to the top. There was a parking access that allowed you to see the top of the falls. After we enjoyed the views from the top, we decided to head down the mountain before the rain came. We could see the storm coming from the distance. On the way home we stopped in Blue Ridge, GA to eat an early dinner. We thought that it was going to be a good evening to take the boat out to watch the sunset, but right as we got out to the spot, the clouds rolled in heavy and ruined it. Even though the sunset was less than stellar, the boat ride was very enjoyable.

The morning view.

We had our own private boat captain.

Tuesday: it rained on and off all day. We stayed in and I helped Eileen tackle a problem with her fridge. After that, Eileen and I went into town to do just a little shopping. We were going to try for the sunset cruise again but… you guessed it…rain!

Wednesday, Scott and I headed to his parent’s house for a visit. While there we were able to help install a hand rail to make getting up and down stairs just a little easier for his dad. After lunch, we had a birthday cake to celebrate his dad’s birthday a day early. You’ll never guess what happened on the way back to Eileen’s…rain!

After dinner, Eileen and I had a glass (or two for me) of Southport blueberry wine.

Thursday: I woke up to a view that didn’t look very promising weather wise. But, it turned out to be the best weather day. We went out on the boat and I did some skiing and tubing and we cruised around the lake sightseeing a bit. After that we made our way back to the dock and floated in the lake for several hours. For dinner, Eileen and I went to pick up fried shrimp poboys from a local place. We had already had them once earlier in the week but Scott loved them so much he wanted to have them again before we left. One of Eileen’s awesome neighbors Deana, joined us for dinner and a game of cornhole. Since it was our last evening, we gave going out for a sunset cruise one more go. Deana was nice enough to take us out on her boat. It didn’t look so promising in the beginning with all of the clouds, but we got our sunset.

Weather outlook not so good.
Turned out to be a beautiful day.
Cornhole game
View from Deana’s dock
Outlook for sunset not so good
Turned out to be a pretty one.
Deana and Eileen “social distancing” on our sunset cruise.

Friday: We left after lunch to head back towards the coast. We always enjoy our visits with Eileen and Scott’s parents. We hated to leave but Scott was ready to be back in his own bed. Friday evening we met some of our friends for beer and tacos. We hadn’t been able to do that in a long time. It was fun.

Saturday: Scott chilled and I spent the day hanging out at my parent’s pool with my dad. My mom grilled burgers for us for dinner and then Scott and I finished our journey home.

Vacations are a lot of fun but it’s nice to get back to your own place. Now we have to get ready for the 4th of July.

*I’ll make a separate posts with some video and photos of skiing/tubing and drone flying*