Baby Turtles

On Tuesday night we went to the beach to check on some loggerhead turtle nest that were close to their hatching times. We stayed out there for a couple hours but there was no activity. Here are some pictures of the sunset while we waited.

Since we were unlucky on Tuesday, we went back on Thursday. We waited for a little bit and then we heard one of the “nest parents” say that there was movement. They extended the runway so it went closer to the water and lots of people gathered. This was at 9:30. The first turtle made it to the ocean at 11:00 and only with the help of one of the parents. They called this a slow boil. Between 11:00 and midnight we saw about 10 baby turtles make their way to the ocean. They we so little! Some of them had harder times than others. The nest was right by the Oak Island Lighthouse so the lights kept disorienting them. This was a nest they had moved so they knew that there were 110 eggs in the nest. I was disappointed that we only got to see 10 but was very excited that we got to see any of them. I wasn’t able to take any pictures because it was so dark and with the movement it was just a dark blur. Hopefully we will get to see another one that truly “boils”.

Friday we went to Southport Tap and Cellar and enjoyed Wicked Good Pretzels and beer in their outdoor area.

And, finally, Scott’s Crepe Myrtle is blooming.