It’s October!

October is here! That means that I get to start decorating for Halloween. I put some of the decor out before Wingtoberfest but I will continue to put the rest out. Here are a few of the pictures of what is out so far.

This is a sign I made for my interchangeable frame.
I painted this sign for over our garage.
My dad got me these cool lights that look like flames

Now, here are some more of the Halloween decorations.

Some more Halloween decorations.

This was from my fog machine. The wind wasn’t moving so the fog was hanging for a while at the intersection.

We had a Halloween lunch at work and tried to encourage everyone to bring a halloween dish. Here is some of what we had.

I made Jello worms! People were afraid to eat them.
I also made the bloody intestines. They are just cinnamon rolls.
Veggie skeleton
Mummy pigs in a blanket
Spider cake. Yuck.
Meatloaf baby
Deviled egg eyeballs
Puking Pumpkin.

We set up for trick or treaters even though last year we didn’t get very many and with stupid Covid, we weren’t sure we would have any this year. We had more this year than last! One group came and said we had the best house they had seen all night! And another group was riding by and I heard the kids yell, “ooh we have to stop at this house it’s awesome”! So they turned around and came back. It was fun.

After trick or treating, Scott and I went on a Ghost Walk of Southport. It was interesting and it was a very enjoyable evening to be out walking around.

It was a bright full moon.

I’m going to make a separate post for it. But at noon on Halloween, I took part in a witches of Southport bike ride/bar crawl that lasted until I came home for trick or treating. It was a long day but tons of fun! Now, I must put all of this away and get out the Thanksgiving decor.