Witches of Southport Bike Ride

At 1230 on Halloween, I met up with a group of women at the waterfront for a bike ride/bar crawl dressed as witches. The temperature was perfect. Cool enough that we didn’t sweat and warm enough that we weren’t freezing. It was however quite windy which made it difficult to ride with my witch hat on so I carried it while riding. After meeting up, we went for a ride around the yacht basin and headed to our first stop, Silver Coast Winery. Everyone that was out and about seemed to enjoy seeing us ride around. All throughout our ride people asked if they could take our pictures. After enjoying a beverage at Silver Coast we headed to stop number 2 The Wine Rack. While sitting outside enjoying wine, lots of people walking and driving by cheered and yelled things like “what’s up witches”. Next, we rode to the Southport Pub and then followed that with a stop at Southport Tap and Cellar. While we were there, Wicked Good Pretzel was on site so were able to have a delicious pretzel with our beer. Most of the group dispersed after this stop even though there were 2 more intended stops on the route. I continued on to the next stop which was Tiki Tavern. Only 5 of us were left at this point. This was the last stop for me since I needed to get home to prepare for trick or treaters. I had such a great time! Met some really cool women, had some good drinks, and lots of laughs. Can’t wait to do it again next year!