Hello 2021

Here’s to another New Year. We had a somewhat low key evening at a coworkers house. The state of NC is under a curfew from 10pm-5am so that kinda puts a damper on the typical New Years celebrations. We decided to celebrate New Years with Brazil which was 10pm our time. That way we could see a celebration and head on home.

Scott wants one of these signs for our house. Hahaha
The dogs loved him.
I made this so that we could have a “ball” to drop.

Here is my New Years sign for my interchangeable frame.

We found this on one our walks.

These are a few of the things we have going on around the house right now.

We are adding pine straw to our tree islands.

We are in the process of having a fence put in the back yard.

We are building a fire pit in what will be our fenced in backyard.

We installed some pegboards in the garage. Something to help Scott try to be a little more organized. 😉

A new wind spinner for the yard from my parents. It is solar powered and changes colors at night.

A sign I painted for the upstairs bathroom. It isn’t perfect, but it’ll do. Also, changing the color of that bathroom is still on the to do list.

I got the first round of the Covid vaccine and I am scheduled to get the second one this week.

We hosted a fun game night this month also. The theme of the evening was lots of laughs. Scott isn’t much into the games but we had pizza and cake so he was happy.

Here are some pictures from a recent sunset. They never get old to me.

This is a 70 foot schooner that passed through Southport from Wilmington on their way to the SpaceX launch site in Texas. Apparently, the crew is part of a Mars ocean analog voyage researching small group dynamics to prepare for possible future Mars voyages. It was a neat looking boat sitting anchored in Southport for the evening. However, to me, it looked a little “rough” to be spending 3 weeks sailing to Texas in.